MKFM REVIEW: Magic Goes Wrong at Milton Keynes Theatre

    If you are looking for a cheeky and mischievous production that will make you laugh out loud then look no further. Magic Goes Wrong has all that and more, as Sam tells us in her review…

    I must admit that I am a self-confessed magic geek, so when I heard that multi-award-winning Mischief Theatre were producing a new show with magic legends Penn & Teller… I was on cloud nine!

    Mischief is best known for The Play That Goes Wrong and BBC’s The Goes Wrong Show. The theatre company calls its shows “ridiculous escapism” and that is exactly what Magic Goes Wrong is - in all the right ways.

    To sum up the plot, a hapless gang of magicians stage an evening of illusion to raise cash for charity. But as the magic turns to mayhem, accidents spiral out of control and so does their fundraising target…

    Prepare to be engaged from the get-go, as the cast talk to the audience as though you are witnessing the turbulent charity event first-hand. You’re sat surrounded by a glittering set, listening to cheesy muzak.

    As you expect, there are plenty of magic tricks. Some of them fail miserably, as per the title, while others will leave you wondering how they did it. One minute into the show, my jaw was on the floor as one of the cast members appeared out of thin air. This set the precedent for the rest of the production!

    Expect to see illusions such as sawing somebody in half, classic mind-reading card tricks, and daredevil stunts. The Mind Mangler will have you crying of laughter and The Blade will *literally* take your breath away. I must admit I spent part of the first half trying to debunk the magic tricks, but I soon accepted defeat. The tricks are incredibly clever and restore that childhood sense of wonder.

    The production pays homage to Tommy Cooper, who famously mixed comedy with magic. It is a must-see for anybody who enjoys this style of magic, as it reminds you not to take life too seriously. There’s lots of slapstick humour, funny costumes, and of course, bare bottoms. I found myself breaking out into an enormous belly laugh at points… and I wasn’t alone!

    I thoroughly recommend Magic Goes Wrong for anybody that wants to leave the world behind and escape for the evening. It is a silly yet witty, hilarious night out for all to enjoy.

    Magic Goes Wrong is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 23rd October 2021. You can find out more information, and book tickets, by clicking here.

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