How to protect your child from cyberbullying

    Cyberbullying is on the rise due to the fact that kids are exposed to the digital world as early as possible.

    Cyberbullying is on the rise due to the fact that kids are exposed to the digital world as early as possible. It's one of the harmful effects of the technology on our children and can cause a victim to have low self-esteem as well as low confidence. In the worst scenario cyberbullying has even caused death, whereby a child commits suicide due to emotional pain. So, before you introduce your young ones to the technology by offering them laptops and smartphone, you should first communicate to them about the risks involved.

    Create a friendly relationship with your child

    If any child is a victim, they should get help to heal emotionally soon before the damage is uncontrollable. Therefore, they should inform the matter to their parents as soon as it occurs to get help. However, some parents are unapproachable. They don't relate well with their kids and are always quarreling making their kids to fear them. So, be a friend to your children and assure them to alert you whenever they're in trouble. Always solve their issues calmly so that they can feel safe to share more things with you.  

    Monitor what your kid does online

    If your child has a smartphone or he gets access to your computer, be concerned with what they browse. Platforms such as Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook are the primary sources of cyberbullying. So, be sure you also know all about them, and you also have accounts whereby you can friend/follow your kid to be able to access their walls. Use Whatsapp spy apps to monitor their chats with their friends.

    Talk to your child about cyberbullying

    Discuss the bullying topic with your child. If they're not aware of it explain to them what it is and tell them to inform you immediately if it ever happens to them whether online or in school. Advise them not to share their password with anybody, and also not to be bullies.

    Limit their online presence

    Limit the time your kids spend online. The more they stay online, the riskier it is for them to become victims of cyberbullying. Let them only browse when it's necessary and visit social media just for a limited time.   

    Support your kids

    If by any chance your child becomes a cyberbullying victim and comes to you for help, never take it lightly nor blame them. Handle the situation calmly, advise them not to reply to the comments/messages and help them to block the bullies. Help them to heal from the emotional torture by assuring them that bullies aren't real. If your child is more affected and seems still disturbed, go on and take them to a specialist to ease their pain.

    Any child can face cyberbullying challenges, and yours is not exceptional. So, be on the lookout. Involve yourself with everything they do online and be the first one to know whenever there is a problem. If you have to ask for their passwords, to protect them do it! After all, they’re still under your care until they become adults.

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