Top 5 meals in Zouk Lounge Milton Keynes

    With so much to choose from on their menu, we decided to narrow down some of the restaurant's strong favourites.

    Zouk Lounge brings together delicious Mediterranean dishes and an outstanding Shisha lounge all set in beautifully decorated surroundings with a friendly personal service.

    Zouk Lounge prides themselves in sourcing, wherever possible, fresh, local, good quality ingredients. Their food is freshly made and free from preservatives and colouring.

    1. The Zouk Lounge signature lamb burger

    The Zouk Lounge signature lamb burger includes a lebanese spiced lamb burger fresh supreme quality lamb patties hot off the charcoal grill, on a soft, toasted bun.

    2. The mix meat platters 

    These platters are perfect for groups that want to try it all.

    The 'Jumbo Platter' includes a whopping 5 Chops, 5 ribs, 12 chicken wings, 2 lamb & chicken shish, 2 lamb kofta, chicken shawarma with chips or rice; Served with hommos, baba ghanouj, yoghurt salad, sauces, hummus and fattoush salad and dressing and also comes with the choice of rice and chips.

    3. 'Fish Absolute' platter 

    Want a sharing platter but craving fish? This 'Fish Absolute' includes Sea Bass, salmon, king prawns, calamari with tangy tomato sauce and salad and comes with the choice of rice & chips.

    4. Mix Grill main course

    For those that can't pick just one item off of the menu, this course includes a selection of chicken wings, halloumi cheese, falafel, batata hara and mix shawarma

    5. Mixed Hot Mezze Starter 

    Finally, the mixed starter includes the Zouk Lounge's popular Shawarma and Falafel alonside chicken wings, haloumi cheese and batatahara

    To find out more you can head to their website here.

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