Take a look at this authentic Greek restaurant selling fresh food in Milton Keynes

    There is a hidden gem in Milton Keynes that sells mouth-wateringly fresh and authentic Greek cuisine. Are you hungry yet?

    The Greek Grill Cafe is a family-run restaurant that opened in Wolverton Mill last year, initially serving takeaway due to COVID-19 restrictions.

    It has since expanded into a restaurant so that local foodies can enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and feel like they are truly in Greece. 

    Their philosophy of food is simple: to share their favourite family recipes, to serve joy to all who walk through their doors and to make their food feel like home.

    The food is incredibly popular, and has even had the seal of approval from MKFM's Lia Christodoulou - who is 3/4 Greek Cypriot! 

    They have the Greek favourites including Chicken Souvlaki Wraps, Mixed Grills, Greek salad, Tzatziki, Halloumi, Greek Olives - and even a Greek Healthy Breakfast! 

    Take a look at what they have to offer...

    You can find out more about The Greek Grill Cafe and book a table by visiting their website

    And you can read Lia's detailed review of the food by clicking here. Our stomachs are rumbling! 

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