Viral lash brand brings 'TikTok famous' vending machine to Milton Keynes shopping centre

    Midsummer Place has welcomed the TikTok famous lash vending machine brand Meggi Lashes this week.

    Meggi Lashes opened on Wednesday 1st February by the escalators and frog clock in Midsummer Place.

    The first of its kind to the area, the bright pink vending machines have become a viral sensation.

    Offering a selection of over 50 lash sets, Meggi Lashes also sell lip glosses, mascaras and a variety of tools and accessories from brushes to beauty blenders.

    Meggi Lashes began as founder Meggi Morgan’s idea when working abroad.

    With only £200, she began creating a nationwide following via social media reaching over 750,000 TikTok followers.

    She has now built a small empire of over 25 vending machine locations, not to mention a converted ice cream van and a mobile stall with no plans to stop there.

    Meggi Lashes founder Meggi Morgan said: “Midsummer Place is the perfect new location for us and our fanbase. We couldn’t be more excited to share our products with Milton Keynes Shoppers, an expansion into Buckinghamshire is huge for us!”

    Kirsty McGiff, Marketing and Commercialisation Manager said: ”It is a pleasure to welcome Meggi Lashes to Midsummer Place Shopping Centre, this is a truly valuable and exciting brand that listens to what the fans want. We wish Meggi and team all the success in their new launch."

    To find out more about Meggi Lashes and to make contact, click here.

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