MK Food Bank is requesting extra donations during the coronavirus outbreak

    Destination Milton Keynes is working alongside MK Council to help the Food Bank provide for vulnerable people and families.

    Here are the items the Food Bank needs: 

    Food items include:

    • Tea Bags 
    • Dried Pasta 
    • Biscuits 
    • Dried Rice 
    • Tinned Tomatoes 
    • Tinned Vegetables 
    • Tinned Pulses 
    • Tinned Rice Pudding / Custard 
    • Tinned Pasta 
    • Tinned Fish 
    • Baked Beans 
    • Tinned Meat  
    • Tinned Soup 
    • Desserts/Tinned fruit 
    • Long life juice carton 
    • Long life milk carton 
    • Sugar 
    • Breakfast cereal 
    • Spread eg  jam, peanut butter

    Non food items include:

    • Soap
    • Nappies
    • Toilet Roll
    • Sanitary towels
    • Baby formula  

    Equipment includes:

    • Totes/crates: deep and shallow, such as are used for delivery 
    • Large strong carrier bags 
    • Small, strong freezer/sandwich type bags for splitting tea, rice, pasta etc into individual portions 
    • Disposable gloves 
    • Hand sanitiser  

    Donations can be made at Saxon Court, 502 Avebury Boulevard, CMK, MK9 3HS or MK Council can come and collect the items. Please email: for more information.

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