Milton Keynes is set for a heatwave as temperatures match Barbados this week

    Milton Keynes will be reaching temperatures of up to 31° Celsius this week as British Summertime commences.

    Temperatures will be climbing from today through to Friday - with residents set to be enjoying weather in the high twenties and thirties. 

    Tuesday - 27°

    Tuesday will be the start of the hot weather in Milton Keynes. There will be sunshine and a gentle breeze, with lows of 14°.

    Wednesday - 30°

    One of the warmer days this week will be Wednesday. Clear skies and sunshine is expected, with highs of 30° and lows of 15°.

    Thursday - 31°

    Thursday will be the hottest day of the week, with temperatures reaching a hot 31°. Lows of 16°.

    Friday - 30°

    Another hot day across Milton Keynes with highs of 30° and lows of 16°.

    Saturday - 25°

    Temperatures will drop slightly on Saturday, with there being highs of 25° and lows of 15°.

    Sunday - 23° with rain expected

    After a good few days of sunshine, rain is forecast for Milton Keynes on Sunday. It looks like there will be a mixture of sunshine and rain, with lows of 14°.

    MKFM would love to see your pictures of summertime in Milton Keynes. Have you got one you'd like to share? Email us or tweet us @MKFM. 

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