Milton Keynes drivers are alerted to keep cool and safe with temperatures set to reach 28 degrees this week

    With temperatures set to reach 28 degrees in Milton Keynes this week, drivers are being warned of safety risks when it comes to keeping cool in the car.

    This week, temperatures are set to reach 28 degrees in Milton Keynes, and as exciting as it is to finally enjoy some hot weather, there are still risks involved with it, especially for divers. According to motor experts at car insurance, research has found that one in five drivers (21%) reported having poor driving experience due to tampering with the temperature controls, and almost half (43%) reported having a negative driving experience due to the sun in their eyes.

    Louise Thomas, motor expert at said, “Whatever the weather, it’s important to make any adjustments to your car before getting going, to make sure you have good visibility and are comfortable. And if you are found to be driving without due care or attention, or involved in an accident as a result of this, you could be charged, and face a £100 on the spot fine, and 3 points added to your licence.”

    The following five suggestions have been made to ensure the safety of drivers on a hot day:

    • Use your car sun’s visor to help shade the sun glare
    • Use a car sunshade to keep the car cool when parked
    • Wear sunglasses to reduce the brightness of the sun; make sure they aren’t compromising your vision
    • Keep your windshield clean; the sun can increase the impact of dirt on your screen, so make sure it’s clean before setting off
    • If air-con is being used, set it to the right level before setting off; if it needs to be adjusted during the journey, ask a passenger if possible to help or wait until a stopped light if possible 

    It has been advised by motor experts that the best course of action is to have yourself and your car ready before you leave to avoid messing around with things while driving, although the heat can make it difficult.

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