Just two more weeks until the second Milton Keynes Education Awards commences

    On Friday 5th July, the 2024 Milton Keynes Education Awards will recognise exceptional local schools, academies, universities, teachers, and associated staff.

    With the abundance of skill in Milton Keynes’ educational sector, All Things Business is holding an awards ceremony to honour the accomplishments of the institutions and educators who give kids in the city the education they require.

    The Milton Keynes Education Awards (MKEA) honour people and groups as well as teaching staff and schools. These include subject-specialist individuals and teams, head teachers, school business managers, and educators who support students with individual needs.

    The Awards Trustmark Scheme, which was established to encourage more awards to concentrate on their own ethics and openness, has rated All Things Business as outstanding. The programme examines all aspects, including criteria, evaluation, comments, openness, and assessment. This implies that prior to the selection of finalist, each entry is evaluated based on predetermined and scored suing a custom software-based scoring system. The independent judges will then evaluate the candidates and select a winner,

    This years awards will be hosted by Louie Spence, dancer, choreographer, and television presenter. Tickets are still available at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/allthingsbusiness/1121651

    For more information about the 2024 MKEA, please visit https://awards.allthingsbusiness.co.uk/mkea/

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