Are these the worst Halloween costumes you have ever seen?

    With just one week to go until Hallows’ Eve, the MKFM team are reminiscing about their outfit horrors. From a batman outfit that left little to the imagination to a homemade horse costume…?

    We’ve all been there, it’s the night before Halloween and you remember you’ve got a fancy-dress party to go to, so what do you do? We asked the MKFM team to share their worst Halloween costumes to learn what NOT to do.

    Lia from the MK Breakfast Show took the ‘more is more’ approach, “I had definitely left it to the last minute when I was at uni. I was going to a Halloween party and the hour before I threw on everything I had in my fancy dress box and the outcome was some form of glam vampire duck? Safe to say, it wasn’t my finest look!”

    With no picture to show (for legal reasons) Darren’s worst Halloween outfit was a Batman costume that left very little to the imagination! The MK Breakfast Show host says, “I ordered it online in a rush and it can be so difficult to get the sizes right on different websites. When it arrived it looked more like a children’s costume. It was definitely a memorable outfit for many the night I wore it but for all the wrong reasons!”

    Michael Robinson from Saturday Sport let his creative spirit get the better of him when he made his own costume from cardboard boxes and shredded paper. He said, “I don’t do fancy dress, so when I was invited to a Halloween party, that was compulsory to dress up, I decided to do my bit for the environment, recycle my rubbish and make my own scary horse outfit – I personally think it was ingenious!”

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