MK Music Centre provides classes and groups for children and adults in Milton Keynes

    Milton Keynes Music Education Hub is an organisation led by MK Music Faculty consisting of schools and key partners that are responsible for music and ensures all young people are able to receive an excellent music education.


    The Music Hub ensures that all young people are able to receive an excellent music education and that they have opportunities to develop their music skills through high quality instrumental and vocal tuition as well as progressive wide-ranging musical experiences.


    In particular, the Music Hub aims to develop more effective partnerships, to be the champion of excellence and to develop a wide and diverse range of opportunities and experiences.


    Most of the MK Music Centre groups take place on a Saturday morning during term time at Shenley Brook End Secondary School. The exceptions are Youth Orchestra which is at the City Church on a Friday and Rock School which is Monday and Wednesday at Stantonbury Campus. Prevailing Wind (adult windband) rehearse on Wednesdays at Leon School and Midsummer Players (Adult Orchestra) are on Mondays at Loughton Manor First School.

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    If you would like to join a Music Centre group, please click here to complete an application form.

    Milton Keynes Music Faculty
    Community Learning MK 


    Telephone: 01908 253520


    Opening hours: M-T: 9am - 5pm | F: 9am-4.30pm

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