Meet the band Space Pistol

Born out of the darkness of lockdown, Space Pistol from Milton Keynes brings you everything you that need from an Alt Rock/Grunge band.

Space Pistol is a Milton Keynes 4-piece British Alt Rock/Grunge super band that was born out of the darkness of lockdown, they provide nothing but delicious dystopian filth to your ears. They have stated that their biggest influences are Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age. There are two main points that describe Space Pistol, one is that they provide music that makes you rethink your life choices, and two, their music is always definitely too loud. The band members of Space Pistol are Garry Murphy (Guitar), Jim Lucas (Bass), Dan Buckland (Guitar), and Joe Oxtoby (Drums), Jim Lucas has recently joined Space Pistol as the bassist due to the former bassist leaving but they have a great addition to the band knowing Jims experience and skills when it comes to music. Space Pistol was recently interviewed by Glen from Box Monster promotions, where they stated that their biggest influences are Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age, they also stated that them coming together as a band "just happened" during the lockdown and we can all agree that it was a good thing it did. 

Listen to 'Padded Tomb' by Space Pistol.

"This track is awesome! I bet it's even better live and I aim to see it performed! Space Pistol is the perfect example of the sheer talent that we have here in Milton Keynes, we literally have the best upcoming bands here and I hope 2022 is full of endless opportunities and exposure for Space Pistol! For a band that has only been together since the lockdown, you know that there is so much more heading our way from these guys! I look forward to it." Jodie Erica

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